Leading a negotiation in a different cultural setting is challenging and you should be aware of some attention points. Check out what we have prepared for you to develop the right negotiation approach when you go abroad.
The “World Café” is a great workshop format. By having several rounds of conversations with different groups of people it provides open thinking and cooperative action. Read how to access the “collective wisdom” of your crowd here.
How can you approach your first 100 days to ensure that you take off successfully? Start by dividing them into three phases and focus on “people", “strategy” and “results”.
Your network is your biggest asset and you want it to grow continuously. So have a look at our 15minute strategy for making the most out of LinkedIn. If you have 30 minutes daily, you can go even further.
“Time is tight,” “the market is tough,” “budgets are being cut.” Do these excuses sound familiar? What’s the best way to respond to them? By simply turning up the pressure, or by offering strategic help? Find out how to turn excuses into opportunities.


Wie zijn wij? Zijn we dezelfde mensen als gisteren? Hoe verschillend zijn we van de anderen?


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